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Transactway is ready for collaboration with partners and marketing agents. We welcome you if you are an individual, marketing agency, or call center. Our Partnership program gives an opportunity to grow up together. We provide the best payment options to your clients and also appreciate the work on transparent deals. We can be your perfect business partner!

If you would like to be partner with us. You need to contact-us and complete some formal documentaion. We would love to work with you as partner, affiliate or refferal.

Once we approved your application as a partner with us. We provide you all the Marketing Materials and Technicals training how could you bring more merchants and board to them with us. We organize ZOOM meeting during this due to the COVID issue worldwide. We guide you and also provide you backlinks and reviews to a more clear way of Marketing.

The main role of our partners is to identify and attract potential customers, for which they earn a certain fee. With an aim to raise the competence of our agents we arrange special educational seminars and training for them.

The agent fee is transferred to an account, as indicated in the cooperation agreement. For security reasons you will be asked to provide an assurance that you are the true beneficiary of an indicated account. The extent of the fee depends on the turnover or number of customers attracted and stipulated when concluding an agreement.

By cooperating with our company, you will be able to suggest to your clients not only additional services, but also work with a stable and secure system independent from banks and complicated procedures with adjustable and flexible solutions.