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About Transact Way

Transact way provides excellent high-risk merchant account services. We help merchants to get merchant accounts and online credit card processing. Our main purpose to make payment processing simple and smooth. Simplify payment processing to improve your cash flow and addressing your payment & online credit card processing needs. We always ready to assist you in understanding and creating your merchant account.

We guide you in each and every step of how to apply for a merchant account and what kind of documentation you need to file through the underwriting process. Your merchant depends on your business working. what are you selling, where are you selling and how are selling. we make all these questions simplifying and make process easy and fast. IF you are a Start-up, you have a recurring business or subscription business No worry, we are happy to help you. Regardless of which market you would like to target, or in traditional straight sale, continuity programs, or grey area growth markets, you have always the capability for long-term success.


Basically, the Credit Card Transaction Process is the authorization of the payment from the issuer bank. Where the cardholder is provides details of their credit card for payment to the merchant or at the point of sale. After that, the acquiring bank or processor forwards the credit card details to the credit card network and finishes the transaction process.


High-risk merchant accounts are those accounts that have limited choices. But, Banks allow these businesses to accept card payments from customers. So, the acquirer basically divided them into two parts, High-risk account, and low-risk account.

It is not a bad option that you are dealing with high-risk businesses. With some legit work and complete documentation could make your account stable and generate revenue faster than others.


Online payment acceptance makes business easy. When you are ready to accept payment online keep more payment options in your mind. It is very important to offer customers a variety of payment options. A study on House hold survey, many consumers use an average of 3 to 6 different payment methods each month for their bills.


When your business online. It is very important that it should reach the Right Audience. Digital Marketing helps you to enhance your business reach to the correct audience. This is not a one night process but, if you are on right track and using correct SEO techniques, then no one can stop your product or services reaching the perfect point. Target the right audience who are really looking business like you. Digital Marketing now needs of every business.